Mastering Media Relations
"The distrust and fear of the media is largely driven by two factors: the unknown and the lack of experience in using a media opportunity to maximise the thrust of your corporate or social message "

David Lim

The Mastering Media Relations I workshop is a programme targetted at executives in helping them plan, strategise and maximise the benefits in dealing with the media. Participants will understand the nature of media, especially in the Singapore context, the various methods in which media exposure and features can be made to enhance their organisation's image and effectiveness without making truth a casualty. The workshop is practical and a number of role plays will be used to immerse the participant in a simulated radio /TV / press interview.

Mastering Media Relations II is a more in-depth treatment of the subject with greater efforts on polishing media skills and on-camera performances.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be more confident in arranging media conferences, answering difficult questions, and maximising the exposure a particular event or interview will obtain in the media.

David's expertise comes from nearly ten years' experience in Southeast Asia's leading media group as well as his newsmaker status.


Media analysis

- choosing the right media for the message
- strengths and weaknesses of respective Singapore media, niche operators
- demands of respective media forms on a newsgiver/maker

Planning Media Conferences and media liaison

- timing of campaign and media news planning
- coping with difficult reporters
- maximising the relationship
- putting it all together

Setting Goals for Interviews/ Media Conferences

- the number or points to be made
- what is the message?
- timing of conferences
- media constraints
- addressing skeletons, if any

Handling questions, building rapport

- the feel for the medium
- question analysis, sequencing
- breaking the ice
- time available on air

On-camera dress, voice and body language techniques

- colours that go ,colours that crash
- tone of medium vs. dress
- voice modulation and gesticulation
- what works

Optimal group sizes are 3-4

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