What people are saying...
"Your speech last night on the importance of teamwork; individual contribution to overall team efforts; working as one cohesive unit are all 'bang on' to the culture we need to forge here in the DDB Singapore Group"

Greg Taucher CEO, DDB Worldwide Communications, Asia

" Very few people have the ability to capture people's hearts and minds and truly inspire them— to dream larger dreams and set their goals higher than they thought possible. As a result of your deeds, courage, and determination, you have earned this rare, wonderful power.

On behalf of all of us at HP Services, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Seeing and hearing you describe your adventures— both the accomplishments and adversities -gave everyone at our Leadership Summit a shining example to follow. "

Ms. Lien Siaou-Sze
Senior Vice –President Asia Pacific
Hewlett-Packard Operations

"On behalf of our Reuters Asia Management team, I would like to thank you for your inspirational opening of our regional management meeting. The laws of team membership and motivating a team were highly appropriate topics and your style of delivery injected with a great sense of humour kept us all on the edge of our seats. In times where many companies, Reuters included, are changing their structures from " expedition style " to " alpine style" many of us will be able to apply the lessons learned in our daily business life and your thoughts on leadership will be an inspiration"

Jan Coos Geesink
Managing Director
Reuters Asia Pacific
David on the summit of Aconcagua, 6962m; Feb 2000. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas and the summit was a dream come true for David in his comeback victory after Guillain-Barre Syndrome disabled him in 1998
" Our sincere thanks for outstanding presentations both in the UK and Sweden. We are very pleased with everything, but most important, our clients' feed-back has been overwhelming. At our distributors meeting in Glasgow, with participants not only from Europe and USA, but also from Asia and Australia - many were very impressed by your performance ....."

Bertil Allard
Managing Director,
CAMP Scandinavia,Sweden
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David at Queenstown,New Zealand for Polycom's Asia-Pacific "Summit Seekers" conference, Aug 6, 2002
"I was motivated to go climb a mountain. Excellent!"

Christina Tan
Assistant Director, Business Development, OUB Manulife
"Your talk was enlightening and informative and your chosen topic Survival At the Edge: Lessons From Mt Everest was especially relevant to this year’s Workshop theme " Winning the Right to Survive". Feedback from 42 senior Chief Information Officer participants was very positive with 20% giving you an " excellent" and 50% rating your presentation "good"

Angelina Fernandez
Accenture Pt Ltd ( Singapore )

David in Glasgow, July 2001
[ Redefining Passion At The Workplace ]

Thanks again for such a fantastic talk. You may be interested to know that
you've also earned a few ardent fans -- the response to your talk was so overwhelming, our MD is thinking of inviting you again

Simone Consigliere
Executive/Internal Communications
IBM ASEAN/South Asia

" David Lim covered aspects of- Ambitious Goal Setting and its pursuit, Team Participation, Interdependencies and Overcoming Setbacks......

The participants gave excellent feedback. They could relate to the allegories of mountaineering and business situations. All in all a truly inspiring session."

Ravi Srinivasan
Partner Business Development Manager,
Asia Pacific Customer and Support Group, Hewlett-Packard.

.....impressed by your presentation and determination. We share your judgement, that definition of true success may be a very individual judgement and can hardly be "commoditized".

Josef Antonius Rhotert
Senior Director IT Asia Pacific
Regional Chief Information Officer (RCIO)
DeutscheTelekom Asia Pte Ltd
".....your talk was very motivating, very moving and certainly inspiring. "

Frankie Tan
President, Rotary Club of Raffles City

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