Let professional mountaineer and corporate educator David Lim share the inner workings of leadership at the edge; inspire your associates and give your workplace a motivational boost!

David is a veteran leader of 50 alpine ascents and expeditions, including the landmark 1st Singapore Mount Everest Expedition

Join him in a lavishly illustrated presentation depicting not only the views from the great Himalayan mountains, but also the lessons of how leadership on major mountaineering expeditions are not significantly different from major corporate challenges. Highlights also include David's struggle with a devastating nerve disorder which left him paralysed soon after his return from Mt Everest - and his eventual comeback.

LESSONS FROM MOUNT EVEREST has been described as " world class " in terms of content and its timeless messages.

Resonating themes which are often requested as the central focus of David’s customised lectures include:

The Importance of a Shared Vision
Team vs Individual Goals
Leadership in the Extreme
Overcoming Setbacks and Failure
Staying Focused

A sample of a 2003 presentation to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu's Asia Pacific Leaders Conference

From Good to Great Teams: Lessons From Mt Everest

David Lim explores the universal elements that make things happen; of leadership, team evolution, innovative problem-solving and the need for adapting to change constantly. Told from experience won from many mountaineering expeditions, Southeast Asia's most prolific mountaineer and now corporate motivator, Lessons From Mt Everest will illustrate that the things that motivate of people remain the same. But only visionary leadership and teamwork make good teams become great teams.

David’s lecture can be accompanied by post-event sales of autographed copies of his book " Mountain To Climb" . The book details not only the leadership of the Everest project from 1994-1998 but also his own life-and-death struggle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which has left him partially disabled.

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