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Sep 2001 issue - Article 1


This is a true story. It isn't new and it's probably been retold elsewhere and the names have been changed. But the message is still the same.

It begins with a package holiday to Hawaii with a group of Americans. One was Doris, a chatty middle aged lady, who was thoroughly enjoying herself. At every viewing point and fun tourist venue she'd mention " Harold would have loved this". Finally at the big traditional roast pig feast by the beach, the writer of this story asks her about Harold.

She said, " Harold was my husband. We got married very young and he spent most of his life building his business and working. He'd always heard about Hawaii and seen it in the documentaries. He bought records of Hawaiian music and often talked about grass-skirted dancers, the beaches and all that. But for some reason we never got round to actually going. One year, it was a bad recession. Another time, our son had his graduation party too close to when we wanted to go. Most of the time, there was always something like a long business trip in the summer. Last year, he got ill suddenly and died soon after. I decided to make the trip this year so see Hawaii after all this time. Now, I'm here, sitting on the beach in the moonlight and under these gorgeous flaming torches. Harold would have loved it. "


Isn't there something we've always wanted to do but never quite got round to it? Maybe it's calling a favourite aunt who now lives abroad. Maybe it's going to see your son in the middle of a working day playing a football match. Maybe it might even be making a trip to somewhere. Don' t delay, make your plans, seize the moment.

Make a list of three things you really want to do ( and I'm not talking about paying the phone bill ) in the next month and then in the next year - enjoy, laugh, share, cry .

David Lim

Corporate Motivator, Trainer

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