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Nov 2001 issue


A few weeks ago, this island's major English broadsheet, The Straits Times, reported that:

"Out of the 700 people polled, 58 per cent described their morale as low, and 57.5 per cent were worried about losing their jobs or their businesses folding. "

Job cuts in the hundreds. Leading Singapore and MNCs reporting major losses. A neighbour of mine was retrenched and many who are self-employed are seriously worried. Here are some tools to get you out of this gloomy state of affairs and recharge your morale:

Morale Battery Chargers:

1) Do a Personal and Professional Audit -

Whether or not you are at risk or just plain sailing along, sit down with your cup of java and do a personal and professional audit. This exercise will help you focus on the risks you and your family may be exposed to in case of a loss of employment or downturn in business prospects.

List your asset base, cash flow, dependents, monthly outgoings. Check to see what you need to survive with your family in terms of finances. Professionally, review your performance appraisals, industry risk factors, talk to people - build support in and out of your job. Your professional future may lie outside of your current employer. Update your resume now.

2) Build Your Support Group

Find not only family and friends as a support group but also cultivate your professional and business acquaintances. Referrals are powerful tools in allowing you get knowledge about new opportunities. Get to know more people in your industry or areas of interest. Find similar people to know if you play a sport or similar interests. Once a month. devote an hour at work calling up old contacts and people to get an update from their corner of town or just say hello. Believe me, they'll appreciate the call. People who only call me when they want something or a favour dont't fall into my good books

3) Get Physical

Some of my best ideas happen when I am on a walk or a training workout on long staircases. Exercise boosts metabolic rates, flushes toxins out and allows quality ' down' time for a harassed mind. I fill my thought with objective visualisation - seeing where I want to be; succeeding in my goals - or just working out an idea or an issue without the distractions of stereos / walkmans ( I dont carry one ) or mobiles.

4) Your Goals in Writing

Every evening, write down what you need to for the next day. Enjoy ticking of the items the next day - it feels you have accomplished things

5) Celebrate the Small Things

Got an elusive client to meet you? How about hitting your academic or professional targets/grades? You tidied your desk? Spring cleaning done at home? Filed that mess in your in-basket? Go on - reward yourself. Get an ice cream, sit back and do nothing for 5 minutes. Buy a meal with your friends.

If some experts tell you not to sweat the small stuff, the least you can do is to also celebrate the small successes in life

David Lim

Corporate Motivator, Trainer

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