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Feb 2002


2 weeks ago, a national newspaper ran a story of a former airline stewardess
who is suing the airline for $200,000. She says the design of the sandals
caused her toes to be squeezed together, leading to the injuries. She says
the airline did not provide suitable sandals for her and did not warn her of
the risks and consequences of wearing them.

The airline's reply?
'We are unable to comment if legal action has been initiated.'

The answer is obviously a lawyer's answer and not one which would serve the
airline's public image. The opportunity to highlight the airlines diligence
was also not taken. The media opportunity should have encouraged the airline
to discuss the sandals or staff uniforms in a positive light in terms of
care and attention to design etc. They need not have commented on the
charges. Yet, this delicate matter did not get support for a public
statement. True, no one ever got fired for saying " no comment". But then
again, such comments may speak volumes of an organisation's ability to see
beyond legal gag orders.

David Lim

Corporate Motivator, Trainer

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